The new-age Fashion Brigade - Block Prints!

In the world where fashion is changing every season universally, new genres of trends are taking shape and evolving quickly. It doesn’t matter what the origin of that fashion may be or where it had originally belonged to, unconventional styles are being welcomed with open arms everywhere. One such unique trend of Jaipur’s ‘hand block prints’ is now turning out to be the new fashion cool!
Indian ethnic styles have seldom failed to lift up a person’s personality. Blok-prints have added a new charm to it. Defined in various categories, block prints compliment a person’s look in both ways - traditional & modern. The block printed styles are not only being opted in India but are flaring all across the globe! Interestingly, these ethnic prints, serving as the new fashion wave, are part of India’s oldest art and culture. This newly adopted fashion trend is giving the wearers a classic and a sophisticated look and feel, quite evidently borrowed from the ethnic culture.
A perfect pick for any occasion.
Undoubtedly these prints couldn’t have been any less multi-purpose than they already are. Ranging from kurtis to palazzos to long skirts to dresses and many other experimental styles, they give you a subtly impressive stature at any time or place! All you’ve got to do is team up the right layer with the right piece and there you are, ready to conquer the world of fashions!
Block prints being the ‘in thing’ today, are ruling the monsoon selections in every girl’s wardrobe with a perfect splash of hues on comfort fabrics paired with delicately designed cuts and falls. To give you that perfect ‘block look’ combinations such as a plain palazzo paired with a printed kurti or short multi-colour top will always work, sorting you for an evening outing or even a lazy brunch. Long skirts paired with a jaal bandi or a boota printed halter neck tunic is also one hell of a combination to complete your ‘block look’.
There’s an old saying that ‘fashion comes with pain’, but we think it’s high time we snap out of the cliché and welcome fashion styles where there’s no pain but only gain – of style. Handmade block prints, being comfortable, aesthetically rich and chic-full definitely deserve a space in your wardrobe! And when the world is going why shouldn’t we take the lead, because in the end block prints are, after all, Indian art babies!