Holi - Celebrating COLOUR!

We in the block printing trade play with colour every day. It is our great joy and wonderful privilege. So, when the event of Holi comes around each year – we are most happy that everyone can smother themselves in our obsession. 

The DNA of Rajasthan is indelibly tattooed in iridescent colours. Shockingly bright pinks shimmering through deserts on women’s sarees, cholis and ghagra directly competing with the brilliance of the bougainvillea. Marigold, yellows, oranges, greens and red are luminous against the sandy backdrop. Sometimes they seem too bright to have been represented in nature, but our feathered friends can always out do for brightness, the most blindingly extreme hues.

Sri Krishna Playing Holi colours with the Gopis

The kaleidoscope of colours that animate Holi have their own significance and interesting symbolism. Blue is the colour of water providing sustenance to the earth and is more importantly, the divine colour of Lord Krishna. Green denotes the spring harvest as Holi is also celebrated as an agricultural transition to Spring.  Yellow is the holy colour and remover of impurities and unlike other countries, black is seen to ward off evil and protect the innocent.

Kilol in Sanskrit means “to play” and so we feel the inspiration of Holi every day in our celebration of colours as we dig back and forth in archives re-interpreting traditional motifs and creating new designs.

We hope you all may appreciate this Holi to amend any soured relationships and heal any wounds of the past. Let internal demons be dismantled, forgive and forget and let your year start afresh – well after you’ve scrubbed off all of the colour……

From Kilol in Jaipur – HAPPY HOLI!!!