Feel the Summer Vibe in Trendy Kaftans

how to wear kaftan in summer | kilol kaftan style

Summers are here and to slip into something comfortable and breezy is at the top of your mind, right?

Then it’s time to introduce your summer wardrobe to the very versatile and forgiving ‘Kaftans’.

The roots of kaftan, a variant of ‘robe’ or ‘tunic’, is in the ancient Mesopotamian era and it has been worn in a number of cultures around the world for almost thousands of years already. Somewhere, the free-flowing style pattern of the kaftans has a striking similarity with the free & flowy Bohemian ideology. No wonder you can dress ‘boho-chic’ in these ‘kaftans’.

Kaftans were originally famous as a beachwear but can now be worn as casual attire or in evening parties as well. This hot-weather garment has come a long way from being just a cheerful throw-on that girls would buy for one summer season and then forget, to an all-season staple.

Wish to extend your long-standing love affair with easy-to-wear kaftans or if you are new, want to know them better?

Useful Tips to Consider as You Choose a Kaftan for Summers-

  • Sizeably Large

    One size fits all’ doesn’t go well in case of kaftans as one needs to pick the right size according to their body shapes. Also, looking at the flowy nature of the kaftan, it should be chosen in a way that it must fall freely on the body. So, a tight-fitting one is a total no-no when you pick your favourite style of Kaftan. The loose-fitting of these kaftans attributes to the comfort of wearing them in summers. If you’re also planning to buy kaftan online, then this tip will come in very handy.

  • Matching Skin Tone

    This is one important consideration that can make-or-break your look! So, it is important to always buy kaftans in colours that complement your skin tone and not otherwise. Go for natural tones and colours when you are looking for regular wear. If you’re setting out on some vacation then is always better to pick something bright and fun, so that you get clicked in the most vibrant colours. If the vacation is on a beach destination, then be assured of amazing clicks as the sea water provides a good contrast to bright kaftans.

  • Right Choice Of Fabric

    Consider buying fabrics that are soft on your skin. Fabrics like silk & cotton, are the preferred choice of fabrics in this case. Kaftans in silk make you experience ‘class and comfort’ but are a little high on price. Whereas cotton kaftans come in affordable range and there is no compromise when it comes to comfort. Also, cotton fabric is more breathable as compared to other fabrics. It’s time you pick a kaftan in your favourite cotton fabric from kaftan dress online shop!

  • Occasion

    The elevated demand for Kaftans has made it suitable for all occasions. It has moved past the exclusivity of beach/vacation wear. In fact, these days many designers are now taking inspiration from kaftans and use them in their designs. For fashion advice on this, you can prefer to buy some printed Kaftans for casual parties/events while for weddings or parties, consider buying kaftans with embellished necklines.

How can you enhance your kaftan look?

  • Consider buying kaftan of varying lengths, and layer it over palazzo or capri pants to create different looks.
  • Switch from a casual look during the day to a party at night by changing to heels or wedges.
  • Tie up your hair in a top bun or a messy one to be beach ready.
  • Accessorise lavishly with bracelets, necklaces, belts, earrings, sunglasses, jewels, pearls or headbands.
  • Use a belt in the front, side or back to give shape to the kaftan.
  • Experiment with wearing a jacket over the kaftan.
  • Wear it with a sash to look regal.
  • Try pairing up your kaftan with a matching/contrasting turban for an exclusive look.