5 ways of elevating your home interiors with floral decor

While many are claiming that floral ambience décor is making a comeback in home interiors, we strongly feel that floral décor never went away or lost its charm. 

Like a timeless marvel, time and again, the florals have led the way to invigorating home spaces, adding new life to them. Be it the statement of singular floral pieces, or floral pattern furnishings, there’s so much you can do with them to power up your home with freshness and a new look.

Floral prints and patterns are highly versatile and can blend well with all sorts of home aesthetics. While the vintage floral charm is still a classic and a favourite amongst people who like minimalistic décor, the new-age, contemporary floral décor is all about having fun with prints, mix-matched patterns, quirky colours, and a lot more floral drama. 

So, with so much to choose from, here, we give you five stunning ways of decorating with floral prints, as per your taste and personal style so that you can spruce up your interiors with fresh floral motifs, myriad of hues, and breathtaking nature-inspired patterns. 

1.) Floral Wallpaper & Wall Art

The way a floral print can revamp any given wall is just incredible. If you are looking for a vintage look, you can go for symmetrical detail floral print wallpaper for your wall.  For fresh bedroom decorating ideas, the back wall of your bed is ideal for a floral wallpaper or floral wall art. And, for living spaces, either you can go for a corner wall or the central wall, as per your preference and mood.

However, the colours and patterns that you choose when you are going for a floral wallpaper or wall art should complement your home décor and personal taste. So, if you are a maximalist person with a strong liking for dark solid colours, you can go for bold floral prints in deep colours. But, if you are more into minimalism, subdued patterns of wall art in pastel shades will suit you better.

2.) Floral Furnishings

In floral decoration ideas, the easiest and super-affordable way to go about is through furnishings.

If you are going for floral bedroom décor, hand block printed floral bedsheets are classics that you simply cannot miss. You can supplement the floral touch with quilts, dohars, and other floral linens.

For living room and other spaces, you can experiment with floral cushion covers, table runners and mats, and even a floral rug to add that extra spice to your sofa sitting area. Again, the idea is to work around your personal choices when choosing the type and size of floral prints. Always go with something that you would love waking up to, after all, a home is your personal space and should exhibit your individual style, right?

Floral Furnishings

3.) Floral fixtures

If you are looking to totally spice up your home décor with floral prints and patterns, ingraining the flower-power in your upholstery, curtains, and blinds are some ways to embrace them. Also, this is one place where floral designs have surely made a deserving comeback. With contemporary modern floral prints and patterns, there are a lot of options available in floral sofa sets, dining table chairs, and curtains.

However, this being a permanent and long-term investment in florals, you should bear in mind a few important things like the type of floral print you want to use, the durability and feel of the fabric, the colour combinations, how it complements your other decor elements etc.

4.) The small touches of floral accessories

For the minimalistic souls in you, who want to play it subtle can go for decorating with floral prints in the form of small elements, décor items, and other things. For example, having a few floral paintings stuck up on the wall can add that flavour of floral without it overpowering the place. Floral lighting is another accessory that would add a delicate touch to your home décor and enliven your space.

Floral table accessories, metal art items, mirrors, etc., can just add that right amount of vintage floral or contemporary floral elegance to your living spaces.

5.) Incorporate some bunch of real florals.

Now, the easiest and freshest way to work around floral is to go au-naturel. We mean why do you only need the prints and patterns of flowers when you can have them for real. Right? Include more plants in your home décor diet and see the wonders that it makes to enliven your ambience. Not only will it keep your home looking fresh as a daisy but having indoor plants can act as air-purifiers, mood relaxants, stress busters, too.

Apart from having some indoor plants, you can also have a variety of flower-blooming plants in your balcony, garden, or terrace garden. Trust us, they’ll just elevate your home style and your vibe!

Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.

If we had to give you one expert advice on home décor and incorporating various prints and patterns, be it floral or any other, we would just say that do not be afraid of trying new things. All of the points that we have mentioned above are your guide to incorporating floral in your homes.

However, all these points come with a couple of common considerations. One, do not go overboard with the floral décor elements, i.e., avoid cluttering your living spaces with just too many floral things at one time, because that’s the last thing you’ll want is an overcrowded home ambience.

Two, work around your individual preferences and aesthetic sense. Go with what your heart says and experiment with various floral prints and patterns and allow yourself to go with your imagination. After all, your home should be your personal style statement.

So, go ahead, find your floral fascinations and work around it and trust us it’ll all turn out good.