5 Summer Friendly Fabrics To Beat The Heat

summer friendly fabrics

The mercury is rising. It is time to shield yourself from the scorching sun and stay indoors sipping on an endless supply of hydrating beverages. It is also time to shed layers of winter clothing and pamper your skin to summer-friendly clothes.

If you are a girl or a woman, summers have a sensorial experience in abundance for you. Be it tops, tunics, sarees, kurtas or dress fabric with dupatta – the season has something for everyone. Albeit, it is time to brush up your knowledge on a few amazing fabrics that are a must-have this season!

Best Spring Summer Fabrics of 2019 to Beat The Heat

  • Khadi

khadi summer wear womens

Khaddar or khadi as we know it is a handwoven/hand-spun fabric primarily made from cotton. A simple fabric with a sophisticated appeal, it is renowned globally for not just its fashion allure but also for its breathability, traditional look, easy management and feel on the skin. Also spun out of silk and wool nowadays, khadi is an integral part of a summer wardrobe.

  • Kota Doria

A unique blend of cotton with silk in a very fine weave, Kota Doria has a fascinating square checkered pattern. This square pattern is called the ‘khat’, giving it a distinguished feature. While the cotton in the Kota Doria fabric provides its strength, the silk lends shine to it. Extremely lightweight, it is just perfect for the sticky season.

  • Cotton

Soft, breathable, durable, environmentally friendly – cotton is the most lovable fabric that is simply apt for summers. It is highly absorbent and anti-allergic (does not cause seasonal allergies), making it all the more suitable for summers.

Be it a kurta, a top or a dress material from Kilol , cotton is the easiest to wash and care for. Highly versatile, cotton is also available in other blends and weaves like poplin, muslin, mulmul, Madras, modal silk, rayon, viscose, etc.

Although modal silk, rayon, and viscose are technically known as ‘regenerated cellulose fiber’ as they are made from wood pulp fiber, they are incredibly lightweight, breathable, shrink resistant and luxurious, lending a silky smooth feel each time.

  • Chanderi

summer chanderi womens wear

Chanderi has lately become a preferred choice for summers and even monsoon, especially when you are on the lookout for something traditional and ethnic in the heat. Why not! Known for its characteristics like sheen, fine luxurious feel, sheer texture, and lightweight, it is an impeccable choice when you want something Indian, at the same time something comfortable.

  • Linen

Another fabric that is at par with cotton is linen. It absorbs moisture, easy to care for, is durable and strong. Although linen tends to crease easily, a few washes can make it softer and thus less wrinkly.

This summer season, adorn these skin-friendly fabrics and stay stylish and cool every day!